Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse/ Mice Under 2000


In the hunt for the best gaming mouse under 2000? If yes, then you have landed at the right place to find the best mouse under 2000. A gaming mouse plays a crucial part in completing your setup. Most of those features on a desktop cannot be used without using a mouse. There are only a few games that do not require a mouse but more than 99.9% require the mouse. So, today we will help you by listing the top best gaming mouse under 2000. So, without any further due let’s dig into the post.

Top Gaming Mouse under 2000 Rupees

Logitech G300


The Logitech G300 is one the best gaming mouse under 2000. It is a good looking mouse overall. There are 9 programmable buttons on this gaming mouse which is really cool. It means you can do your most common action with just a simple clock of a button. The design of this mouse is symmetric which means it can be used by both left handed and right handed people. It also comes with 3 onboard memory profiles which save the profiles to the mouse once for gameplay on different computers. 

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Natec Genesis GX69


Natec Genesis GX69 is a mouse for the gamers who like the funky-looking mouse. Just like the MAD Catz mouses look. This mouse comes with adjustable DPI up to 4000DPI. There are 2 buttons on the top dedicated for the adjustment of the DPI. Like the G300, Genesis GX69 also comes with a symmetric design. Which makes it comfortable for both left-handed and the right-handed people. You can create your own custom configuration of this mouse with ease and you also get to programme the buttons yourself.

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Lenovo M600


This gaming mouse from Lenovo is very awesome for the budget gamers. It comes with adjustable DPI up to 400/800/1600/3200 DPI. With a dedicated one-touch button for changing the DPI. It also has 9 programmable buttons so that you can customize it as per your usage. Sadly, this mouse is not symmetrical and can only be used by right handed people. Left handed people can also use this but don’t expect it to be convenient.

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Steelseries Rivals 100


Next one is the gaming mouse which comes from a very popular brand. It is called as the Steelseries Rivals 100. Steelseries has been ruling the PC gaming market from a long time and it has been manufacturing good quality and high-performance gaming peripherals since then. The Rivals 100 is available  in 6 different colour options to choose from. It is a great mouse for gaming, especially for games like D.O.T.A and CS:GO.

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The next on the list does not have many programmable buttons and features but it is top class in performance while gaming. It is the Asus Cerebus gaming mouse. It is great gaming mouse in terms of performance and it is comfortable too. The material on the mouse feels good to the hand while using it. This mouse will go perfectly with any Red-Black themed gaming setup. Although the design is symmetrical the side buttons are only available for the right-handed people. It also supports DPI adjusting.

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Conclusion: Finally, it is now your job to make a good decision. This time, I will not be suggesting any particular one to buy. As there is a price difference between these best mice under 2000. So, choose wisely and enjoy your gaming time 🙂 . Don’t you forget to like this post, share it and bookmark our site for more Tech.