5 Mind Blowing WhatsApp tricks that you are not Aware of! [2017 Edition]


WhatsApp is arguably the best Messaging App overall! WhatsApp application is completely free, cross-platform and end-to-end Encrypted application for Smartphones. It was released 8 years ago. WhatsApp has heavy competitors like Hike, Viber, etc, but WhatsApp remains Game Changer Always. Well, It doesn’t have stickers like Telegram, And Inbuilt News and AI like Hike, or Inbuilt Personal Assistant like Allo, but even WhatsApp survives with more than 700 Million Active Users World Wide.

There are many tricks you can do with WhatsApp, Around 80% of users are not Aware of them. Here are 5 of my Favourite WhatsApp tricks. So without any further intro, Let’s get started right Away!


Everyone knows that WhatsApp allows it’s users to send or receive Audio files at Bit Rate of 320kbps. Chances are you are out with your Family or Friends. You may receive Audio from your Friend. If you have Headsets or Earphones, it’s pretty easy to listen secretly! But what if you’ve not carried Earphones with you? This Audio may contain some secret message or you don’t want the people around you to listen that Audio! Will you low down the volume and put your Ear near the speaker and listen? It’s the most Embarrassing thing and other people may get a doubt that why you are secretly listening!

So here is an awesome trick! Once you receive an Audio message from a friend, Play the audio in full volume and take the earpiece to your Ears, just like you do When you receive a call. Then WhatsApp automatically identifies your actions and it will start playing from earpiece, So no one around you gets a doubt on you! Very Useful trick right?


WhatsApp images are most annoying things ever. The most common Images from WhatsApp are Good Morning and Good Night. At least 510 members from your contact list will send you that kind of Images. Well, It’s not new. They will be automatically saved in your Gallery. If you are a WhatsApp users then you will be a member in Atleast One Group! Groups in WhatsApp, I need not say much about them. The entire Garbage of WhatsApp world will be found in Groups. Hell tons and tons of images will be shared in groups according to one’s personal interest. So your entire gallery will be filled up with WhatsApp Images. 

There is a way to stop saving images into our Gallery directly! Anyways you can view them from WhatsApp but they won’t be found in Gallery anymore. To do this, Open your File Manager or File Explorer and Find WhatsApp folder in your device’s Internal Memory. Open that Folder. Now you can find another folder inside WhatsApp folder named as Media. Open it, then you can find Folder called WhatsApp Images. Long press on that folder and select Rename. 

Now Rename it to.WhatsApp Images. Just add .(dot) in front of WhatsApp images. If you open Gallery you cannot find WhatsApp images. If you still find clear Gallery from Recents and this time you cannot find them for sure. Check out images below for more detail.


Every WhatsApp users know how WhatsApp works! The sender sends a message to the receiver. If receiver saw that message, Sender will be indicated with Blue✓. Thats how WhatsApp works. If you are a receiver and you don‘t want the Sender to know Whether you Read message or not, there is a Simple Trick.

Once you receive a message from Sender, don’t open WhatsApp. Turn off you Cellular or WiFi and See the message. And clear WhatsApp from Background and now Switch on Cellular or WiFi. The sender won’t be indicated!


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. These days GIFs usage was rapidly increased in Social Media. Previously you can only make GIFs through Online or use some 3rd party Apps. But now you can Make and Send GIFs from WhatsApp Directly.

To do so, Select a video from WhatsApp> Chats> Media. Then it opens in Basic WhatsApp editor. For now, only 6 seconds of video can be made as GIF. So crop video to <6Seconds and on Top right Corner you can find GIF option. Click on that and proceed. Check Images Below for more detail.


Maybe you’ve recognized but you don’t know how to Changes fonts. WhatsApp added new features to send Messages. You can now send Bold, Italic, Strike messages from WhatsApp. These can be sent to anyone.

For example, if you Type *Call me! It’s Urgent!* It will be bolded. Means if you use (*) before and after message it will be bolded. If you type _Call me! It’s Urgent!_ it will be italic. If you type ~Call me! It’s Urgent! It will be stricken. 

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