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Hello! there, you guys are now about learning more about Techragon. This page is aimed to bring the users and the team of Techragon a bit closer. Below are the details of Techragon and team.

About this Blog!


Techragon is a tech blog obviously and aims at providing new updates and breaking news in the field of Gaming and technology. The main aim of this blog is to bring the users a step closer to the full reach of technology through theĀ internet. We aim to share knowledge about the best devices available within your budget. We keep the blog and the news updated regularly so that our visitors never stay behind.

The Team behind Techragon!

Shiva Sai: Founder and Chief Editor


Sup guys, let me introduce myself. Basically, I am a teenager who has big dreams to achieve. Back in my school days, I was good at studies and as you guessed :p I got poor and poorer at my studies. At present, my math sucks like those leeches that have been starving for days. Ok, enough with the study, let me tell how I got into this Tech addiction. It was same as most geeks, an android phone. Since the day I bought my first android, I wanted to make it better than it was out of the box. So, I started learning Android development and got addicted to android, phones, and all the gadget stuff.

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Tarun Tej


Tarun Tej is a Hyderabadi guy who is extremely passionate to use Android Devices. He writes App reviews and Tech Tutorials in TechRagon. He is a YouTube freak. He keeps on watching Tech Channels on YouTube. His Favorite YouTube channels are C4ETech, GeekyRanjit, EZTech231, and MKBHD. His Favorite devices are Nexus 6p, OnePlus 3 and Redmi Note 3.

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