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These are the days where people stopped carrying Wallets, Credit or Debit Cards, Books or Bulky Laptops! Instead of all those things, we’ve got power in our hands! That power had changed your life a lot. Yes, I’m talking about smartphones. Everything can be done from a smartphone. I need not say much about them. But If you are in stress or you are pissed off with your daily routine, you need to get relaxed. A few minutes of music can make your life reloaded! In the Ocean Of Products available in the market, it is very hard to find a good performing Headset within your Budget. So we are here to help you out!

We recently bought two headsets from one of the leading headphone manufacturers Audio Technica! Now I’m going to give the review of Audio Technica ATH-S100! We bought this headset from Amazon for 1100 rupees. Most of the people are not aware of Audio Technica. As they are very rarely available in local stores of India. It’s one of my favorite headsets manufacturers.

Audio Technica is a Japanese Brand which was established around 60 years ago! They sold Lakhs of Headsets worldwide. Audio Technica won many awards in past few years. The Headsets by Audio Technica are not cheap at all, But compared to another brand they are Economically priced! So without wasting your time, let’s quickly get into the review!

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Key Specifications

Model Name Audio Technica ATH-S100
Headphone Type On the Ear
Drivers 36MM Drivers
Impedance 32 ohm
Weight 272 grams
Color Black, Neon, Blue, and White
Tangle-free Cord No



As I said previously, We’ve ordered these headsets from Amazon. Taking out from Amazon cover, these headsets come in a Box which is transparent at the front and Covered at back. You can find details at the back. Opening up the Box, the headsets can be taken out. The backside of these headsets, there are two booklets. Initial impressions, they feel kind of premium, especially in Black and Green combination company’s most affordable headsets at price point of 1k. Taking out from Amazon cover, these headsets come in a Box which is transparent at the front and Covered at back. You can find details at the back. Opening up the Box, the headsets can be taken out. The backside of these headsets, there are two booklets. Initial impressions, they feel kind of premium, especially in Black & Green combination. Looks pretty cool actually. Everything is plastic except the cord.


  • Design though looks cool and attractive. They can be easily worn even with a single hand!
  • They are made of good quality plastic, very lite to carry on. Only ear-cups are movable nothing else folds.
  • Coming to comfort, these headsets has high-quality soft pads. Even though they failed to satisfy. But again at 1000 rupee mark you really can’t complain much about it. As they are On-Ear, You can hardly wear them up to 3 hours, not more than that!

  • Coming to ear-cups they can swivel up to 90 degrees. they are quite adjustable!

  • At last, the cable. The cable is of 1.2 M long. You can easily connect your phone and keep it in your trousers pocket. The pin is gold-plated, cool right?

  • You can Run, jump and walk with these headsets on! In my testing, they never disappointed me. They can stay on your ears even you hang yourself upside down for some time. You can carry them around your necks and they look eye-catching.

  • Although they don’t have an inbuilt mic, you can receive calls though. Unlike other headsets, it does not block mic when you connect. Your voice is audible to another person on call as your mic receive your voice instead. And Again it depends on your device’s mic quality and clarity.


These Audio Technica headsets have 36mm drivers. So they can produce music with a sensitivity rate of 104dB and impedance of 32 Ohms. Coming to frequency range, it’s 15-22,000Hz. On paper, performance looks great! But how did it really perform? Excited to know?

The sounds come out’s to be very natural, basically, All the Audio Technica headsets produce natural sounds. But, it’s really worth mentioning it! The Vocals come out very good and sounds are crystal clear. The high’s and low’s are clearly identified, and the level of detail is up to the mark. The Sub-Bass is not too high, not too low. It’s evenly produced which gives high-end listening clarity. Some of the reviewers said Bass is not that great! But that’s completely wrong, and that depends on what device you are using! In my testing, I’ve used this with my Redmi Note 3 which really produced excellent Audio. With Viper+Dolby Atmos on, you can really get best out of it! But with my laptop, the results started changing. The performance is decent without using equalizer but with using of Realtek HD equalizer with Powerful preset, You will surely get a high-end listening sounds. But with MacBook though, I felt like I’m using at cheap China headsets. With Mac in standard settings, the Sound output is very low. As I am very noob at Mac, didn’t really test it for a long time with changing settings.

At this price point, there are hundreds of reasons to buy these headsets. I promise that these never disappoint you! These headsets are being used by many people since past 1 year, they still suggest to buy these. In day-to-day usage scenario they performed fairly good. Until now, I’ve talked about things I like. But there are things I don’t like too!

Things I don’t like in ATH-S100

  • The main thing I don’t like in these headsets is Build Quality. Although they look eye-catching, they are very flimsy.
  • If I’ve to pull headband too fast and long, I felt like they are expanding and they may break. Because headbands are kind of delicate.
  • Everything in plastic is also a bad point, but at this price point you cannot expect or demand much. The brand quality can be identified in terms of looks.
  • Due to that tight fit, they hang up for some time even you bend a lot. But, we cannot wear more than 3 hours.
  • It lacks an inline remote, to control sounds.
  • The other thing I don’t like is if you listen to music in loud sound…The person sitting beside you or behind you can even listen the audio out! There is nothing we can do about it!




  • Budget Friendly.
  • Looks Attractive.
  • 1.2M cord
  • Various colours are available.
  • Mind-Blowing Performance at this price point.
  • Great level of detail.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry.
  • Decent Enough Bass Levels.
  • Brand Value.


  • Build Quality is not that great!
  • Feels Delicate,
  • Comfortable issues
  • No microphone, or in-line remote.

For Rough and Tough users out there, these headsets cannot survive more than 6 months for you. And even they don’t spoil that easily unless you buy the white one. I think this is a Good Buy. I personally suggest this headset because they won’t disappoint. In one word, I could simply say it’s a Budget Beast


So that’s all for this review guys. Will compare it with other on-ear headsets at this price point! If you like this article please do share with your Friends and Family!

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