Top 10 Best Android Music Players – [June 2017]


Want to listen to your music with probably the best sound output possible? Well, if that’s the case you would want to install the best music player for Android on your device right? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this post, we list the Top 10 best android Music player. Most of the Android music players listed in this post are free to install. But a couple of them are post-to-install so go on ahead and support the developers if you have looked their music player. Expand Review

Music players are the best part of any across smartphone. Most of the music players that are available in the play store right now are not really that good. The developers advertise their product to be good but actually web you install it won’t meet your expectations. This being considered a loss of your internet data if the app is free. That said, you will waste your hard earned money if you purchased any useless and unworthy music player for Android from the Google play store.

While choosing the best music app you should always look for one which has good UI. Aids with good UI tend to perform easy better than this who don’t come with good user interface. As we can say that when the user interface is not Optic it ruins the whole performance of the app. So, the UI of the music player app you are gonna choose should be optimized and fluid. A smooth and fluid UI will not only elevate the performance but also make you feel kinda cool when using the app.

Another thing to look out for while choosing a good music player is its features and sound output. The best android music player out there will have the best possible sound output. Many will say that sound output completely friends on your headset, but that’s not true. Some part of it depends on the app and the auto equalizer in it. If you don’t believe me let’s do an experiment. Download any low-quality free music player and also the paid version of PowerAmp music player. Now play your favorite song and listen to that in these music players one at a time but with the same headset. I can guarantee that you will notice a difference between the both.

There are tons of music players for Android or there in the market but we have carefully shredded the best ones for you. You can also choose the paid ones as they are totally worth it. You can see them for yourself but download each one of them and use them for at least a couple of days. This is what I do and also recommend others to do when selecting a favorite. The music player apps in this list contain a lot of potentials and can easily satisfy your music needs. A couple of them are also great for video playing like the MX player. Which is by far the best video player out there for Android.

Best Android Music Player

PowerAmp [Free + Paid]

The PowerAmp music player is our number one choice when it comes to the best music player for Android. PowerAmp provides the best quality sound and had awesome features. Although it might get complicated to use at first you’ll get a hang of it. This app comes with basic looks when it comes to the music player. The whole app is themed in Black color which looks really cool. At the top of the music player, we can see four clickable buttons. Expand Review

One of them is kind of file manner which only shows audio files on your smartphone. You can select and play any audio you want from this option. All you need to do is click the first button on top right and you’ll be presented with your audio file manager. Right next to the file manager button we have the equalizer option. Yes, this app comes with integrated equalizer. Most of the music players out there don’t even have an equalizer. Even if they have, we need to pay our upgrade to use it. Other than these two, we also have an integrated tuner and an options menu.

From the options button, you can select many finds like using the preset, you can search for any song that you wanna play. You can set the lyrics, delete the song, add it to your playlist outset it as your ringtone. Then at the middle of the music player, we are shown with the album cover respective to the song being played. At the bottom right cone of the album cover, we have the shuffle button to randomize the playlist. Right below the album cover, we have play/pause button along with forwarding and backward buttons. Then we have the timeline of the song where play time is displayed and it expands to touch.

Coming to the settings menu of this app, we have a clean looking and well-organized settings menu. The first option in the settings is purchase/upgrade button which redirects to Google play store. After being redirected you can purchase the full version of PowerAmp using the most suitable payment method. Currently, the price of the full version unlocker is 68rs. (About 1$). Below that, you can see an option named “Other Purchasing Methods” which had the option to upgrade directly from their own website. You can also restore the purchase by clicking on the third option in seeing the menu. After these options, we get the real settings which start with looks and feel customization. This option opens submenu from where you can tweak around with the looks and user interface of this app.

[appbox googleplay com.maxmpz.audioplayer]


Coming to the Shuttle music player, we can say it is next best music player for Android after PowerAmp in this list. Shuttle has been hanging around in the play store since a long time. It is one of the most downloaded and highly rated music apps in the market. The shuttle provides an unmatched audio output with crisp and quality sound. The bass and treble are well adjusted so that we could enjoy our seamless music. Expand Review

Shuttle music player head one of the best user interface of there in any music player. It looks really cool and is very comfortable to use. All the options and menus are well organized so it won’t be long till you fall in love with this best Android music player. The icon of this also very attentive that too being a simple logo. This app Congress with pink and blue theme by default. These color match really well and bring our the beauty of each other. The color combination is well selected for use as a default theme. We gotta give an applause for the developers if Shuttle for doing so. The song library is the home screen of this app. This library basically contains 5 tabs, each with different and unique but similar functions. The first tab in the library of the artist’s tab where songs are categorized into folders with the respective artist’s names. This is a great feature add you surf your current favorite or the trending artist and just groove to his beats.

The next text is albums which contain all the albums that you have in your file manager. The music player also shows the album cover of the respective albums of the present. At the top, we have search options along with equalizer and sleep timer options. We have a drag menu which appears from the left side of the screen. The great thing about this menu is that it has the recently played song at the top with album cover as well as artist’s picture. You can play the song directly from here onwards. This menu also had the settings option where we can see a bunch of workarounds for this music player.

[appbox googleplay]

Black Player

Black player is another top best music player for Android. The design really stealthy and basically just black. The music player is very basic looking and cool. Honestly, in my opinion, this is the best looking music player in this list. I mean it’s my personal opinion as I am a like of minimal looks. The album art also looks cool with bezels as it the same theme corresponding to the album art. The buttons on the music player are also very basic and yet look good. The change tracks buttons audio work are fast forward and backward buttons when long pressed. The track timeline is smooth and very responsive making it comfortable to use. Expand Review

When you click on the album art we get their options which pop down from the top. The left option days as to playlist. Which basically means you can add this song to any of your favorite playlists. It will also provide you with the option to create a new playlist of you already don’t have one. This is very convenient as we don’t have to create all the way around to create one. The middle option is for lyrics where to can add or manage lyrics of the songs. Most of the people don’t speak English. Hence, they’re either don’t understand the fluent English or sometimes the artists sing phrases in a trustee and understandable way. Therefore, the lyrics will help in better understanding of the song without any complication. And the option to the right is added to favorites from which you can add the song to your favorites songs list.

The songs in the music player can also be switching using swipe up and down actions on the album art. When we swipe from the left we get to see a menu with 4 options and most played songs in this app. One of the options in that menu is equalizer which you can use to tweak up the audio. The same menu has sound effects tab where you can adjust sound and sound effects like saying bass, treble etc. But before being able to use the equalizer you will have to turn the radio button on at the top. Another option from the left side panel is the settings option where you can see a bunch of settings from which you can work around with your music player. The first option we see the settings menu is the styling, followed up by Equaliser, audio settings interface settings and a bunch of workarounds. When I click on the styling option we get a bunch of work around with the team and color settings of the music player. This includes the accent of the music player along with the color of playing music.

[appbox googleplay com.kodarkooperativet.blackplayerfree]


The fourth one on our list is the phonograph music player which is again one of the best music apps. This app is good looking and had a fluent user interface. The very base of this app is inspired from the lollipop interface. In the initial days of its launch, it was considered to be on par with the PowerAmp music player. Nonetheless, the phonograph music app outputs audio in the best way possible. It maximizes the audio quality and details even though it looks very minimal. Without needing to look very closely this app looks very much similar to the Shuttle music play which is the second best music app in our list. The music player’s interface is phonograph is very convenient and different looking. Expand Review

The most important asset of this application is that it is very smooth, unlike other apps which give lags and a little bit of discomfort while using. I recommend most of the people who have low-end smartphones to use this app as it is as it can run almost on any other device. Most of my friends use phonograph for you for listening to the music. The user interface of the music player is very exclusive and it looks really really cool while using the top of the status bar is transparent. The album art in the music player extends to the variants at the top which makes it really immersive. The very core of entertainment is music so as long as you have good music and better music player that can play quality music and maximize its quality to the max then it’s cool. So if you are going to choose a music player to make sure it does do what it says like all the music players in this list we have listed them with utmost care and looking into all of its features and using them for a couple of days.

[appbox googleplay com.kabouzeid.gramophone]

Google Play Music

The Falling Star Google play music snatches fifth place in the list of top 10 music apps for Android devices. This app is developed and maintained by Google itself so there is no compromise in quality and smoothness of this application. This app would have been the second best music player if not for the other Music Player players in our list. At the initial time, Google play music used to be the best music player but it has been a disappointment since it is not getting any upgrades. Expand Review

Still, the output of audio is well maintained from this music app as it provides a seamless music with quality and detailing well maintained. f you are a stock experience level then this app is the one you should be trying but it does not have Pro features like other music players say Poweramp.

Although as of now we could still say that Google play music is one of the top music players for Android devices. It’s not really that bad in the way it sounds but it’s pretty good when it comes to performance and quality music. I got to say that I was really impressed the when I hear loud music on this music player app as it has got nice detailing and overall good production of music. The reason for Google play music being the best music player is not because that it’s bad but because it has a lot of tough competition. Music player slash Airtel and black player perform a lot better than the Google Play Music as of now as they have Equaliser and all that stuff. And also Google play music does not let you customize the user interface and also the styling and looks of the music player. So if you want to give it a try just for its cool user interface and also fluent music output and quality music production then you should definitely try it out. I am pretty sure that it won’t disappoint you in terms of performance.

[appbox googleplay]


The next Big guy on our list of top 10 best Android music players is the Pulsar music player. I know most of you will recall the Pulsar bike when you hear the word. But coincidentally this music player is the Pulsar bike of the best music players for android. It has got good looks and also great improvised user interface which does not let the user done and it will feel comfortable in your hand with you are using with care or rough usage. It is not very different when it comes to the user interface and looks it looks more like very similar to the other music players on our list with a library consisting of various steps which are covering various functions. Expand Review

As usual, the first time we get is the album tab where you can see all the albums with their album art. You can literally play any song from the album just by clicking on the album art which makes it really convenient and easy to use.

The next one is song tab where the song in your smartphone is listed and we can play them by clicking on them a single tap is enough to start playing the audio file. Audio files are not really complicated they come in various file formats most of them are easy to play but some are really complicated. But thankfully this music player can play almost every other audio file format that there is at the present time. This is what makes this music player one of best music players for Android devices. The developers do not like that let the bugs and they fix them with every other update that the roller to the Play Store where the users are able to download or update the latest version of this application. Coming to the audio performance this application performs very well and drives the details of the audio literally to your hairs which make it a good experience of listening. The Pulsar music player app comes with dedicated Equaliser which you can use to be crowned the music in a way that you want without any limitations. Coming to the settings menu we have a bunch of workaround for this application but they are not really useful in terms of changing the locks and user interface of Pulsar. Although it is not a drawback it’s not really cool does not have a theme or user interface changing settings.

[appbox googleplay com.rhmsoft.pulsar]

Pi Music Player

The Pi music player looks cool sounds cool and is the coolest music player in a list of top 10 Android music players. It’s got a sleek and Stylish user interface which makes it really easy and comfortable for users. Audio performance is top notch and does not let you down. The listening experience is grid using this music player and especially when you have the headset on I would recommend audio technical headsets which are by far the best and my favorite headphones of all time. You get to see the song name as well as artist name at the bottom of the music player screen. The song timeline is also fluent and responsive to touch and see it won’t be a drawback to the music player. Expand Review

Although it’s not really complicated to use it looks very similar to the music player of Poweramp music player screen. The album art with four options at the top one of which is to directly set the audio that is been playing as your ringtone. This one button easy to access ringtone setting is really cool and convenient and you can change them with ease. This music player is by far the best when it comes to customization as it comes with Team changing options. You can find this option at the top of the settings menu very can see the name of the current applied team which is by default. By default we get for themes to choose from which are a light theme, dark theme, gloss theme which is my favorite and Lastly but not least the black theme. I suggest you stick with the gloss theme but you are not really a big fan of gloss looking music player then you have a black theme which also great. 

[appbox googleplay com.Project100Pi.themusicplayer]


VLC is popularly known for its multimedia application for Windows PCs. It has a good reputation and performs really well. Now, to take on the Android the developers released the app in the Google play store. But the Android app is not as great as it is for the Windows PCs. The music player clean and looks very promising. It might not be as good as the PC application but it really is a good music player. The performance is very impressive and the sound output is also good. The VLC media player stops when it comes to performance and high-quality music output. It has got a decent look and very slow and design which helps it to perform better and make it look really simple and sleek. Expand Review

The default theme of the VLC media player is the orange team which is really good to look at. The orange color is widely preferred when it comes to light colors. The VLC player also has the library consisting of 5 tabs just like most of the music players in our list. the good thing about VLC is that it smooth and fluid user interface will provide comfort to your fingers and also you will enjoy the smoothness of this application. When it comes to the designing of this app it is not much unique compared to its competition but it’s definitely smoother in some ways. Obviously, the first time in the library would be an artist where songs from various artists are listed. This is very convenient when you are playing songs from a particular artist who is trending. There is also a slide menu on the main page of VLC where you can find various other settings. The unique feature of this tab is that it consists of history tab where you can see the listening history of your recent activity. So if you want to show somebody what you been listening to all this time you can just open up the history. In the settings menu, you can see a bunch of workarounds from which one of our is interface settings. From this setting, you can change the default theme of the app to a dark with over the orange theme. The dark theme is kinda cool and looks stealthy. 

[appbox googleplay org.videolan.vlc]


Although, being an online music steamer it is one of the best music players I’ve ever used. You cannot listen to the music you downloaded on another music player just saavn only. This is a huge drawback and misses the entire meaning of this post which is ” trying all the apps”. That is the main reason for which this app was set back to ninth position. But you want to give it a shot I’d definitely recommend it to you. As a matter of fact, my current music player is saavn and I don’t use any other music players for my Android devices. This app needs internet to run but it is dope as hell. Has all the songs that were ever made and you can offline them if you are subscribed to their paid plan. The offline user interface of the music player is pretty basic and nothing special to catch a look at.

[appbox googleplay]

Audio Beats

The audio beats music player app is definitely one of the best-looking music players for Android. The main page is very intuitive with picture embedded header. There is a different header image for each of the tabs in the library. Thus, is really cool and the header turns red when you swipe up. The transitions are smooth and it will surely interest you. Expand Review

Unlike the other music players here this bad boy got two swipe menus. One, from the left which is the general store menu, contains settings option and all generic stuff. The other one, from the right, is the queue and you can select and play any song you want right from there. The overall performance and user interface is so far so good. I haven’t encountered any problems, issues or bus using this music player with the use of couple days. The drawback is you cannot really tweak around much with the audio you’re listening to. Lastly, but not the least the settings menu has a bunch of different options and workarounds. For instance, you can change the current theme from the interface setting over the default red and yellow colored theme. 

[appbox googleplay com.shaiban.audioplayer.mplayer]

Wrapping Up

So that is it for this post, you guys. I know it is a lengthy list but I wanted to write about every single detail of all the apps. Pardon me if it was easy too long than a human can read :p. Anyway, thanks for choosing our page. I hope you liked the post and found the best music app for yourself. There was a lot best music player for Android posts on the internet but I tried very hard make this one the best and most informative. So, in order to show your support please bit that link button and share this post with your family and friends on social media. Comment down which one of these is the best android music player according to you and why. Thank you again and keep visiting our site.