Top 7 Best Earphones Under 3000 Rupees [September 2017]


Going for a new pair of trendy headset under 3000? If you are, then you have landed on the right page. Here we are listing out the best earphones that you can find in the current digital market. These earphones will be high performers and pocket-friendly as well. Buying a good pair of earphones is critical for us. Whatever the use may be; you might be a music lover or want to escape from reality. A decent pair of best earphones under 3000 is what you will be needing.

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There are many posts about these good headsets below 3000, but this post is different. We have written this post to help you spend your money in the best ways possible. We did a deep research and comparison of different earphones and compiled this list of best earphones below 3000. So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s check out the post of top 7 earphones under 3000 with mic.

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Best Wireless Earphones under 3000

#JBL Synchros S200


   Buy JBL Synchros S200

First, on our list, we have the most popular brand in the earphones market. The Synchros S200 are one of the best earphones under 3000 from the house of JBL. The earphones are fantastic and are a great performer. The S200 can be said to be the best earphones under 3000 for bass. The sound clarity is excellent with critically balanced bass. The ear pieces are quite comfortable to our ears. This feature is comfortable for travelers for non-stop entertainment. The design of these headsets is stealthy and stylish in its way.

The Synchros S200 is ultra light-weighted for a headset that performs well. The build quality is a premium on this earphone. Also, it is a quite sturdy piece. Its die-cast precision and aluminum body makes it feel unbelievably premium. The 10mm premium drivers built in these earphones produce best quality sound and unrivaled bass. As an adjustment, these earphones come with 3 different sized ear tips for the perfect fit.

#Sennheiser CX 3.00


   Buy Sennheiser CX 3.00

The CX 3.00 are the next bombshells from the house of Sennheiser to be featured on the list of best in ear headphones under 3000. The CX 3.00 are a great piece of earphones with great design and fantastic performance. These earphones produce great sound with deep bass with the latest built drivers. The connector is gold-plated for better performance, and it is an L-shaped connector. The cord is tangle-free which is greatly convenient.

It comes with 3 of ear tips with different sizes; small, medium, and large for the perfect fit. Sadly, there are no in-line audio controls for this headsets. Having the in-line controls is much efficient as you don’t have to open your device each time. The Sennheiser CX 3.00 come with noise-cancellation technology, which makes it one of the best ear buds under 3000. As they filter out the outside noise, you can experience music in a much better way.

Best Earphones under 3000 with mic

#Brainwavz S1


   Buy Brainwavz S1

Next, on this list, of best earphones below 2000 we have the S1 headset from Brainwavz. This headset looks sick, I mean you can flaunt them anywhere you want. It can be called the best looking earphones under 3000. The all metal housing made using premium aluminum make them an excellent headset. The build quality is fantastic, and it is suitable for rough and rugged users. The overall headset is light-weighted and is comfortable for the ears. As for the cord, it has a flat cord.

Flat cords are tangle-free which means that you don’t have to untangle them each time you are willing to use them. The cord delivers high-quality audio as it is made of high purity OFC copper wiring at its core. Another great feature is that it comes with in-line audio controls for better convenience. As an extension, these earphones with 3 pairs of ear tips with different sizes, a hard case to carry them, 1 pair of Bi and 1 pair Tri-flange tips.

#JAYS a-Jays ONE


   Buy JAYS aJays ONE

The JAYS is known to be one of the most popular earphone brands of all time. They provide awesome earphones at an affordable price. The aJays ONE is one of those amazing headsets produced by this brand. The canal phone design on this headset makes it convenient to wear around. The light-weight build of this earphone is convenient for on the go usage. The ear tips are soft and comfortable to the ears, which is good for long usage. The JAYS aJays ONE come with a flat cord which is tangle-free for better convenience and they deliver powerful audio with the deep bass, the overall audio is well-balanced on these earphones.

#SoundMagic E50


   Buy SoundMagic E50

Next, on our list, we have the SoundMagic E50 earphones under 2000. These earphones are a great deal. They perform well and come at a reasonable price. The sound clarity is just amazing. The overall audio experience is enhanced with the superior audio and unrivalled bass. Both the music and bass are well-balanced to make it sound better. The E50 comes with a 1.2m long braided cord which makes perfect compact. The build quality is supreme, and it feels very sturdy in the usage.

The all metal housing on these earphones which is made of premium aluminum is mind-blowingly awesome. It feels really good while wearing and is rugged. The noise isolation technology that is used in these earphones makes it better to hear the audio. As you don’t have to hear the outside noise you can experience the audio a bit better. The only drawback with these earphones under 2000 is that they don’t come with a built-in microphone.

#Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550ISBK


   Buy Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550ISBK

As you move on to the list, we will see some awesome earphones. The ATH-CKS550ISBK is one among the best earphones under 2000 with mic. These earphones are from a popular and renowned brand called Audio Technica. They have an amazing build quality, and they are sturdy as hell. They can be used for long sessions as they are made of comfortable material. The ear buds are bent at an angle so that they fit in a perfect way.

These cool looking earphones produce powerful sound with well-balanced bass. The bass on them cannot be compared to other earphones in this list. The ATH-CKS550ISBK comes with 9.8mm dual magnetic-field drivers technology which produces the most powerful bass. It’s an ear candy for the music lovers and heavy bass lovers.

Best In-Ear Headphones under 3000

#Audio Technica ATH-CKX7 BK


   Buy AudioTechnica ATH-CKX7BK

Next, on our list of best earphones under 3000, we have the ATH-CKX7 BK earphones from the house of AudioTechnica. AS we have already mentioned earlier that AudioTechnica manufactures one of the best and top selling earphones. Well, these earphones are one of them. These earphones 360-degree rotating ear tip on them adjusts to the unique angle of your ear canal for personalized fit and better sound isolation.

If the earphones fit better, they will eventually sound better and provide better comfort. The C-shaped tip design fits the shape of your ear for reliable, stay-in-place comfort. So, these earphones are perfect for physical activities like workouts, jogging and running etc. The best part is that they come with a flat cord. Flat cord means tangle free earphones.

Conclusion: That’s it for this post guys, for future updates keep looking for our website. This post for best earphones under 3000 rs will be updated regularly with better content. Each time with a new update we will focus on getting you a better device at the same price. If you have already chosen your earphones then good luck and enjoy.

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