Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000


Building a cheap gaming pc and searching for the best gaming keyboard that would fit in perfectly? If yes, then this post is just for you. Building a custom gaming computer is really fun. But, if you don’t choose your keyboard wisely, it may ruin your gaming pc. Do not worry, we are here to help you find the best keyboard under 1000. Here is the list of top 5 gaming keyboards under 1000. Without any further due, let’s get started.

Best gaming keyboard under 1000 Rs

DragonWar Desert Eagle GK001

best gaming keyboard under 1000 - DW dessert eagle

If you are new this gaming realm and don’t know much about good gaming keyboards then the Desert Eagle might help you. The GK001 is designed very well. The build quality is pretty good and it comes with a keyboard pad. It has multimedia buttons as well. The Arrow and gaming keys are coloured blue. It will go perfectly with your setup if you have a blue-black theme. The keys are programmable and overall the keyboard is comfortable for gaming.

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Genesis R11

best gaming keyboard under 1000 - Genesis R11

This beautiful and compact gaming keyboard come from the brand Genesis. The looks are relly cool with orange coloured gaming keys. The keyboard is very comfortable and can be used for hours of gaming. The build quality of R11 is also pretty decent. It goes very well with an orange-black setup. It is one of the best gaming keyboards under 1000 rupees in India. If you are looking for a good keyboard with a compact design then I recommend you to go with the genesis R11 gaming keyboard.

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Zebronics Radiant

best gaming keyboard under 1000 - Zebronics radiant

Next, on the list, we have the Zebronics Radiant gaming keyboard. This is a cool multimedia gaming keyboard under 1000 rupees. The keyboard comes with Red LED backlighting, although the colour of the LED cannot be changed. The looks of this keyboard are pretty awesome with a red-black theme. There is an illuminated logo at the bottom which is also in red colour. The is also a retractable stand at the back of the keyboard. Overall this is n awesome gaming keyboard which performs very well.

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Circle RUDE

best gaming keyboard under 1000 - Circle Rude

The Circle RUDE is an awesome beast in terms of performance. The design of this keyboard is pretty nice and its quite comfortable. Typing on this keyboard is also quite comfortable so, you can also use this keyboard for other stuff. The gaming keys are coloured red. If you have a red-black gaming setup going on, then this would fit right in. The Circle RUDE comes with a lifetime of 20 Million Keystroke. There are multimedia keys at the top of the keyboard. This keyboard will be suitable for rough users.

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Intex DUO 311

best gaming keyboard under 1000 - Intex Duo 311

What do we have here 😮 ? The Intex Duo 311 is a keyboard and mouse combination. Well, it costs more than 1000 but you get a mouse with it. So, do adjust with the pricing 😛 . Coming to the keyboard this is a pretty nice keyboard for both normal use as well as gaming purpose. The build quality is quite sturdy and the build quality of the mouse is also good. There are multimedia keys at the top. The gaming keys are coloured red, the colour is a bit pale. The sturdiness makes it comfortable to use the keyboard.

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Conclusion: At the end of the post i wanna say that, if you want an awesome keyboard i will recommend you to go with the DragonWar Desert Eagle GK001. As it performes better are is much comfortable. Although if you want a compact keyboard that would fit even in low space then go with the Genesis R11 Gaming keyboard.