Top 10 Best Icon Packs for Android Devices [Free] – Mid 2017


Isn’t Android the best mobile operating system out there? Well, yes it is. The main reason for Android being loved so much is because of its availability and it is an open source OS. But the most important and convenient asset of Android is that it has unlimited possibilities of customization. One day you could make your device look like iOS and the other day you be using a WindowsMobile looking smartphone. There are literally tons of possibilities to bend the Android software as much as you’d like to.

Although there are many aspects of Android customization like Launchers, Lockscreen, Widgets, App-Drawer we’ll be focusing on Icons as of today. Icons are the very core when it comes to Android customization. The look of Icons on the screen bring the background as well as whole UI to life. There are many Icon packs out there available to download on Play Store. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. I can’t really say paid ones are over-whelming when compares to free ones. We are going to be listing free Icon packs so that our every reader can try these beautiful Icons out.

First things first, though I said we wouldn’t talk about Launchers today we need to get a launcher that supports changing of Icons. We highly recommend you to go and download Nova Launcher which is free and also has a paid version called Nova Prime which you can download to support the developers and get the Prime features unlocked. If you are still having second thoughts about which Launcher to choose, here’s a great post by out teammate; Click Here.

Best Icon Packs for Android

Candy Cons

The very popular Candy Cons snatch the first place in out list of best icon packs for Android. It consists of a bunch of classic Icons that will bring your smartphone to life. The Icons in this Icon Pack are not too shabby and are colorful. Most of the Icons can be seen with a little bit of white accent going on. For instance, take a look at Chrome’s icon in the screenshot above.ou can see the white lines along the colorful spiral. All the Icons are sized shaped to their original look. This helps a lot as symmetric icons are not really attractive at the time.

[appbox googleplay com.zavukodlak.candycons]


Delta Icon pack is another looker in our best icon packs list. This will give your mobile a new look as it contains icons with very light colors. Usually, in any other icon pack, you will see the colors of the icons popping out really well. But, the developers of Delta thought of ditching colors and the icons look foggy. Nonetheless, these icons are not at all a drawback even without the colors popping well. They’d go well with most kind of home screen setups.

[appbox googleplay]


[appbox googleplay com.icons.glim.lite]

Material OS

[appbox googleplay org.materialos.icons]


[appbox googleplay com.monarchdesigns.moonriseiconpack]


[appbox googleplay com.mowmo.pinn]

Pixel Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay com.themezilla.pixelui]


[appbox googleplay com.thearclabs.polycon]

Taz Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay com.romowtheme.naxostaz]

Zarf Beta

[appbox googleplay com.zar.icon]

Final Words

That was all for this post guys. We’ll soon come up with another such cool post by the end of fourth quarter of this year. I hope you guys have liked this post and found a good Icon pack for yourselves. Comment down which is your favorite Icon pack and don’t feel shy to share your home screen setup with us. Hit that like button to show us some support, share it on your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter walls if you can. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. Stay tuned and keep visiting guys.