Google is Hiring Apple Engineers to build its own iPhone!


Recently two things were revealed, The first one is that Google is designing its own system on a chip which is generally called as SoC for the future mobile devices, the second one is that the lead architect for that project is a man named as Manu Gulati. Well, Who is Manu Gulati? Most of you who are reading this Article would be thinking about that! Manu Gulati is a Senior Engineer at Apple! Both of these massive developments which I have stated above showing that Google won’t be content until maximum control over every aspect of its smartphone. This is exactly the same goal that Apple pursues with every new generation of iPhone and furthermore underlined the level of ambition by poaching away someone who would surely have needed a lot of incentive to leave a job at Apple.

The SoC is the processing heart that powers the vast majority of functions of any modern smartphone. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the most famous and widely used example, Samsungs Exynos is a comparable competitor, and Apple’s A series of SoCs are current gold standard, delivering unmatched performance and efficiency. If Google is determined to not to be dependent on another company’s whims or fortunes, having its own SoC is an essential part of its future business as a mobile hardware vendor.

The current Pixel is built around the SnapDragon 821 chip. Its speed and feature-rich architecture contribute to the excellent Pixel Camera, but the instructive example of beware is the Snapdragon 810. Qualcomm had a ton of overheating issues with that piece of silicon, sufficient for Samsung to skip using that chip at all in its Galaxy S6, and Google cannot afford to find itself in a similar situation with the Snapdragon 845 or whatever there is down the line. So Google is now building its own SoC, as fully evidenced by its litany of job listings arresting to that ambition

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