How to Increase Battery Life of Your Android device!


Charging a phone once in a week! -Well, it’s a dream as of now. Do remember that you are using a power-packed smartphone, not an old Nokia 1100 or 3315. Those days were gone! Well, I do accept that smartphones nowadays are coming with bigger batteries for better backup. Top brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo, etc., are packing their recent and upcoming smartphones with a minimum of 4000mAH batteries inside them. But even, End of the day you need to plug-in your device! Chances are your devices charge gets down because of heavy usage when you are at the office or when you are out!

There are few workarounds to effectively save your battery. Want to know? Well, I am here to share some tips to save battery on your device. So let’s quickly get into it.

Android Animations – Suck a lot!

Android Animations; Most of you are not aware of it! Animations suck hell lots of battery. 20-30% of your device battery is getting wasted because of this Animations. To stop that, Open Settings, scroll to Bottom until you find About Device or About Phone section. Open About Device and Tap on Build Number 7 times. Then you can see a pop up You are a Developer! Now come back to main settings and now you can find Developer Settings option. Open it and scroll down.

Here you can see 3 options namely: Window Animation scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. Their default value is set to 1.0x or 1x. Change the values to 0.5x or You can completely disable them. That’s it! It saves around 20% of your Battery for sure!

SAY NO to “OK Google!”

Good Hotword detection is a really good feature. I mean after the release of Google Assistant you can literally control your Device with your voice, at least basic Android Operations. Playing with Assistant is Really fun but the problem is that it can wreck your battery, especially when you don’t use or when you use it occasionally! Most of you do not use Assistant at least once in a week. To stop that…

Open Settings. If you are 6.0+ Open Google from the main screen of settings. Now you can find Search option in Services section. Tap on that and select voice from there. Now select OK Google detection option and switch off from any screen option. And now your battery will perform way better!

Don’t Fall into Auto-SYNC it’s a Trap

Almost every student or teenager is a social freak. Previously only Facebook, WhatsApp are on the play. But now Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter etc, are added to the list. It’s the very good thing that you are aware of all social media. But you are not aware of Auto – Sync!! Auto-Sync kills your smartphone’s performance and it effects a lot on battery too! Let me explain if you are connected to many accounts on your smartphone. All those accounts will be saved in Accounts section in settings. But if the auto-sync is turned on, it keeps on syncing your accounts which reduce the performance of your Android device. So disable it and make your Android fast. Turning off Auto-sync saves lots of your battery life too.

Open Settings and Scroll down. You can find Accounts option. On the Top right corner, you can find Three-Dot Menu open and Uncheck Auto-Sync data. Thats it. Around 10-15% of your battery will be saved!


HAPTIC FEEDBACK; Is is that Necessary?

In case if you are not aware of Haptic Feedback, its nothing but Vibration. Haptic feedback is given when you Tap on Navigation Bar and Hardware Keys, Quick settings, App Drawer, Keyboard and what not! In my case it unnecessary. Personally, I only used Vibration while ringing only. It sucks the juice out of battery Anonymously. And again this Vibration do not have a standard place to locate. Its place differs from skin to skin or UI to UI. Generally, it can be found in Sound settings. Uncheck and save some juice in your device battery.

Location On? = Battery Gone!

Well, I need not talk much here! The Header itself clearly states if your Location is On, battery dries way faster. Only use location whenever necessary. The location is hardly used while traveling, Unless or Until you use Google Maps. Or when you check Weather. As it’s easily accessible on quick settings only use Location whenever necessary. To save the juice from Location just Tap on Location from Quick Settings or Turn off manually from settings.

Adaptive/Auto Brightness is useful! -to Kill battery.

Auto Brightness, this word sounds very useful. It works perfectly, on paper. In general, it’s the useless feature overall. Auto Brightness in most of the devices is Brighter than really required. It’s better to adjust brightness manually. Most of the People knowingly or Unknowingly uses this feature. Better use the manual slider to adjust as per requirement.

So these are some simple steps in which you can make your smartphone faster. Well, that pretty much it for this small article. Keep visiting our site for more articles, just like which you read above!! Well, even you will forget that we exist in here.

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  1. Good content! What about Charging my device whole night? I am MotoG4 plus.. as you are professionals you already knew that my device doesn’t last more than 6 hours. So I need to charge my phone whole night! Is it harm battery when I charge 10 to 14 hours continuously???? Some people say it harms and some people say it don’t damage!!! What u say?

    • Dear Viraj!Charging a device overnight does no harm. Even I charge my devices overnight. Generally, smartphones only take a certain amount of power required for them. After charging 100% smartphones stops receiving power! So no need to worry. You can charge your device continuously 10 days. No issues!


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