Install Xposed without Recovery! (no flash fire) Easiest method till date [ Stock/ Custom]


A number of smartphones count is increasing day-by-day. There are many brands out there with massive spec Android devices. But, let of them are coming with Custom User Interface.( UI). Like MIUI on Xioami devices, EUI on LeEco devices etc. The user’s of these devices have a lot to tweak with many custom options built upon of Android itself! Some devices come with Stock Android, like Nexus devices.

But there are few brands which shifted from custom UI to stock look, like Lenovo’s Vibe UI. At the beginning, Vibe UI used to come with few tweaks and heavy bloat. But later lollipop they shifted to stock look in most of the aspects. 

Most of the developers will be using Nexus devices. Few more will be using budget devices. The development of this kind of devices will be Awesome. But what about slightly tweaked Androids? For example, let’s take LYF devices, they come with stock UI and with a few tweaks. What about these type of users. No custom Roms, No root methods etc. But In the kind of situations Xposed Framework Comes handy!

At the beginning (up to Android 4.4) installing of Xposed is a damn easy thing. Later lollipop, you need to have a custom Recovery! But not all recoveries are ported to all Android devices. Therefore xposed without a Recovery is like a dream! So Chainfire, developer’s of SuperSu made an App called Flashfire. But you need to have SuperSu root control to do so. Without recovery how can you get Su???  Whether you are a stock ROM or custom ROM doesn’t matter!

So, the xposed team launched a new App a few weeks back with which you can install Xposed Framework without any Custom Apps. So let’s get into its procedure 

  • First, The first install xposed.apk from the link below.
  • Next, open the app it shows like this.

  • It shows Xposed in-active. At the bottom, it shows your device status. No matter its stock or custom ROM. I have installed in Stock Manufacturer Lollipop OS in LYF water 1.
  • Then just click on Install/Update option.
  • Then it automatically installs Xposed Framework in one click.
  • Then it asks you for a reboot. If you have custom Recovery installed, it takes to it.
  • If you don’t have any Custom recovery like me, it will be installed then and there itself!
  • It takes good 2 minutes to half- an- hour to start your device, better don’t reboot your device.. 99.9%  it never runs into the boot loop.

That’s all latest Xposed Module will be installed in your device! Now if you open the app it shows like this.

My device took around 30 mins to get booted up! As I am on Stock OS. If you are in custom ROMs it takes less than 5 mins.

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