How to Speed up your Android without Root!


Smartphones these days are Super Fast and powerful, At least on paper! I am not speaking about budget beasts like Redmi Note 3, 3s, Honor 6x, Note 4. I’m speaking about brands which make user’s fools by showing off massive specs on paper.

Never let your smartphones down in front of others. Your smartphones can perform better than you expect, even without Rooting it! Excited? Well without wasting your time, Let’s start!


Well, bloatware is common with almost all smartphones. Even Redmi devices packs with hell tons of bloat in it! If your phone has RAM of 3GB or above it’s okay. But if it has 2GB or 1GB of RAM, pain! There are many tutorials available showing how to remove bloat on Any android without root. But it’s sort of risky if you are a noob. But the good thing is you can remove the bloat in most of the android devices, I mean manufacturers are giving the option to uninstall unnecessary bloat. But some Google apps and brand based apps can’t be uninstalled by the way! The only thing you can do is just disabling them. Open settings, open application settings and disable unwanted apps. By doing this you can also save lots of battery.


The Recent feature in Android is everyone’s favorite. As Android is upgrading Recents were also upgraded. The latest version Android 7 (Nougat) added a new feature to it’s recent. Yes, it’s multi-window mode. Apart from that, even you got 2 or 3 gigs of RAM while multi-tasking phone slow down and puts pressure on battery and phone tends to heat up! To avoid this just clear the apps after locking your device. Yes, Android system knows when to stop background activities but clearing tasks are necessary.

3. Managing Internal Storage

In the quarter two of 2016, the entire game of smartphones is changed. Brands started launching phones with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 16GB of on boot storage. Well, it’s decent enough for an average user, But the hybrid slots. Okay, now let’s get to the point! The major important thing of Android is it’s internal storage obviously. It’s a physical memory where users can store all their files. Better buy a phone with a minimum of 16gigs of ROM. So that you can manage it for years. Store what you want in internal storage. I mean just keep the files which you access daily! Better spend 50100 bugs and buy an OTG-Cable and an extra 4 or 8 GB pen drive. Store all your movies, TV shows kind of stuff in it and you can use the OTG on the go.


Android home screen, extremely customizable! Yes, we need to utilize that! But up to some extent. Widgets slow down your device. Now you may think, widgets? Really? Yes. Widgets occupy the space of Random access memory i.e., RAM and tasks in the background. So it’s better to use as many fewer widgets as possible. In my opinion, one clock widget and a search widget is enough. Anyways you can access Google Assistant on the go! So search widget is optional too.

6. Don’t fall into AUTO-SYNC! It’s a trap.

Almost every student or teenager is a social freak. Previously only Facebook, WhatsApp are on the play. But now Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter etc, are added to the list. It’s the very good thing that you are aware of all social media. But you are not aware of Auto – Sync!! Auto-Sync kills your smartphone’s performance and it effects a lot on battery too! Let me explain if you are connected to many accounts on your smartphone. All those accounts will be saved in Accounts section in settings. But if the auto-sync is turned on, it keeps on syncing your accounts which reduce the performance of your Android device. So disable it and make your Android fast. Turning off Auto-sync saves lots of your battery life too.

7. Stop using Cleaning Apps like Clean Master and all.

Lot’s of famous technology sites say that use Du booster or Use clean Master for boosting your Android device. But, no use! Rather they will kill your device. What happens is in the process of boosting, those cleaners will kill your apps in the background, So apps take lots of time to open. It affects Random access memory and put pressure on battery. It’s better to keep your device away from that kind of cleaning apps. Here is a detailed article by our Team Member Dinesh.

Does Usage of System Cleaning Apps Really Increase Device’s Performance?  

8. Using a right Launcher!

Sometimes your device may lag a lot! Even after you follow all the above steps, then it’s time to change your Launcher. If you are a third party launcher user, this happens to you. Shift to Nova Launcher or ASAP launcher. As this kind of launchers doesn’t consume your RAM. My suggestion is to go with nova. You can customize it as you want.

So these are some simple steps in which you can make your smartphone faster. Well, that pretty much it for this small article. Keep visiting our site for more articles, just like which you read above!! Well, even you will forget that we exist in here.

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  1. It really helped out..,,,, My old Samsung Galaxy s3 would hang a lot but not anymore. 🙂 But Pls guys Say me how to increase battery backup. ¿×


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