Make Your Android Devices Look Like HTC Devices (2016 version)


As you all know that sense UI is only for HTC device. And the company releases the OS with their OEM lock. The only way to enjoy Sense UI on your device is to either flash a custom ROM or manually customise your android device to look like one. So, Without wasting time let’s get started.!

Basic Requirements :

  • An Android device Running Android 4.4+
  • Around 100mb of Free space In Your Device

That’s enough for installing HTC Sense customize device.


This is Not a ROM to install complete Sense UI Features. You won’t get all those features of Sense UI that you might be expecting. It is only a customisation process to make your android look like an HTC device with OEM OS. We are only Downloading the apps from different sources. It won’t be a full-on Sense UI to use, but a glance at it. Not all those features are included, so don’t complain if you are disappointed.

  1. Launcher
  2. BlinkFeed
  3. Full Working* Sense Theme Store
  4. Some HTC Widgets
  5. HTC Weather
  6. Location Picker
  7. All Apps Plugins like Facebook,Twitter etc.





Download Link:


Shiva Sai || Dinesh Reddy || Tarun Tej

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