Things You need to know before you Buy LYF Smart Phones!


A few months back Mr. Mukesh Ambani launched Jio along with LYF devices. We need not talk about JIO, More than 50 million people are using Jio till date and last night they also came up with JIO- Happy New Year offer with which users can enjoy free Services till March-17.


Apart from Jio, LYF brand is a great fail! Fail in a sense. I am not saying that nobody is using LYF devices, but the specs they offer with their devices doesn’t match their price points! Imagine once you bought a device for 23k, and it’s running on Stock Android Lollipop, without any customizations and stuff. Yes, I am talking about LYF Earth series of mobiles.

Even small brands like Karbonn, Celkon, Swipe, etc. are trying their best to roll out Android Marshmallow updates for their devices below 6k. Some of the devices of these brands are coming with Android M out of the Box! Only one mobile from LYF mobile is getting Android M out of the box if I recall it’s LYF Water 11. 

I own Water 1. Actually, I bought it on the Release day itself for JIO. If you remember at beginning Jio is only given for LYF devices, later on, they distributed for all 4G Enabled devices. I think buying that device is the biggest mistake I had ever done in my life! I bought it for 14k INR for nothing. Cameras are damn bad. Don’t please ask me about its Performance…They used SnapDragon 615 chipsets in all their flagships to get the devices quickly heat up! If you have Some heavy Apps in the background with Mobile data or Wi-Fi On, You can carry LYFs Flagships outside in Winter even without wearing clothes, because they become that hot!! Until now two Water 1 phones blasted, LYF doesn’t even bother about that. Then simply tweeted that we will come back with Solution! 

The Only thing I Like with LYF devices is Customer Service. They had the best Service team Offline and Online as well. They reply to all messages in Facebook and Mail. They assist you In all ways! But, they can’t assist you in updates. They cannot say when we get Software Updates to our devices. I have contacted Team LYF on Facebook and Gmail as well; they helped in solving all issues, except about Software Updates and Bug Fixes.

If you ask for Marshmallow update to Team LYF. They simply Reply you Our Software development team is testing Android M for LYF devices after the update is rolled out, you will get notified. They are saying the same thing since last three months. But still no updates. 

You may say If no updates we will install custom ROMs! No, if you are custom ROM fan Don’t even think to buy LYF devices! No development to any of LYF devices except Flame 2. 


They have released around 20 Devices at a time. Flame, Wind, Water, Earth and more will be coming to confuse us.

Android Lollipop is 3-year-old OS, Even Marshmallow is Old right now! Most of the brands started rolling out Nougat Update to their devices, As Lenovo rolled out Nougat to moto g4+ this week. But LYF is using Lollipop even for devices which are released a few weeks ago! Why are you doing this LYF? I am asking this question as An LYF user. Even when LYF Team Posts anything on LYF Facebook Fan Page, they are getting more Mean Comments than Good Ones. 

I expected that Jio would be offering 4GB per day at least for LYF users even in Happy New Year Offer as rumored! That is not seemed to be happening. What I think is LYF is concentrating much on releasing new Devices, they are not taking care on Updates and Stuff. If LYF continues to do so, In next Few months it doesn’t exist in the market!

There are many alternatives for LYF Smart Phones with more Better specs and in Same price points. If you want to take the best phone under 10k Redmi Phones, come into play as they are playing the major role in Smart Phone Market. Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3s{all varients} are far better that LYF devices. If you are Offline guys and want to buy better phones at same price points, Samsung J-series is better alternatives.

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So these are all my experiences which I shared with you, I am not commenting Team LYF, I just wanted to share with all of you, it’s so you might be aware on that.  If you still want to buy LYF device it’s up to you!! Sorry if I made you angry.

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You guys have a Nice Day! Bye for now.


  1. From your post I learned that even a person of high degree of tech knowledge happened to buy the device referred.So for normal persons it is very likely and you will instantaneously do such blunders due to many reasons. I haven’t read this before.
    This type of informations are to be given in YouTube or some other media open to public.Now I have commented in this reg faulty ear phone which was not replaced at their service centre at Oberon Mall,Kochi.Now they booked an investigation on the issue and I am waiting for the outcome.The response from Service center was highly deplorable.Any way keep your good work for bonafide issues


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