Top 5 Launchers to start 2017 with! 


Few months back, We made a post on Top 10 launchers. Well, most of you people like that post. So with continuing with launchers session, Now let’s take a look on 5 of the launchers which we personally think that they change your using experience!

Some of these apps are not available on Google play store, so the direct links will be given.. So let’s get started quickly, But this time without explaining all the non-sense like intro to the launchers. All these are not suggested by anyone, we selected the Apps, and none of these Apps are sponsored!

So let’s start with last to first!!

5. Blackberry Launcher

This app is officially launched by Team Blackberry in play, which is available for all the devices. Around a year back, Blackberry launched their first Android flagship, Priv. Well, it did not attract most of the people. Coming to Blackberry UI, it’s built on Stock Android, with little amount of tweaks and Blackberry Apps. Nothing that suprising will be found on UI.

Coming to this launcher, it’s freely available in Play. As I said, it’s almost stock UI.. the launcher resembles older versions of Nova launcher with a pinch of customisation added to it. I have used this as my primary launcher for three days and nothing is that bad. The UI and transastions are smooth, applying icons,changing walls and widgets etc all are available! We can open Apps in small widgets right from the homescreen, just like what we find in Action Launcher. 

It’s pretty simple and decent launcher, but the thing I don’t like is, ads! When we open App drawer Myntra App will be popping up there. I don’t know exactly whether it’s a advertisement or suggested app. If it’s a suggested app, the option to remove the suggested app should be there. But I couldn’t find any option related to that!

It’s not a big deal. Overall it’s decent performing launcher. If you want to get your hands on it head over to link below.

Our Rating: 3/5

4. Evie Launcher

99% of you have not used this launcher until now,if I am not wrong. If your heard someone talking about launchers, you will say Nova or Go without thinking. But there are many launchers you might be not aware of! In the ocean of app’s on Play, we found a simple launcher which reaches all your needs. It’s simple and unique lite Launcher available out there.

It resembles pixel standard’s, with it’s own features. If you are a pixel ui should definitely try this app. It has some features which most of you people like to have in your ultra-busy lives. It do have some customisation option like Icon size, Unread counts, icon theme options etc. If you swipe down, the search option will be available. You can search Apps, contacts etc right from there. At the bottom,you can find Pixel Arrow. It’s an app drawer if you swipe up! You can choose grid or list veiwing options right from App drawer. If you are lazy user like me, this is the app you need to try for sure.

Our Rating : 4.2/5

3. X-Marshmallow Launcher

This App is actually not available in Play store. It is the stock Xperia launcher, which you can find on devices like Xperia X, Xperia XA. It’s not completely the stock Xperia Home, it’s modded one. So that, you can install as direct apk. And you can also use icon packs in modded one. This is kind of heavy app, but doesn’t slow your device anyways.

If you are Sony Ui definitely need to try this app. It doesn’t require any root permission. After installing your stock icons will be there as default. You need to download Xperia Icon Pack from Play store and Apply. So that you can feel complete xperia look.

This App is not developed by us, Actually we found it on xda while searching for Xperia Apps. Recently the X- Nougat also been launched by same team..but I think it’s a bit buggy. If you are Xperia Fan boy, stick to our site.. in few days we are making an article in Installing all Xperia Nougat apps in Android 5 or above.

Nothing is that attractive in this launcher as it is by a Brand..Only a pinch of personalization is available. If you’re a minimal fan check-out next one. If you’re A Xperia Fan, this is for you!

Our Rating: 4.5/5


For better experience, download Xmarshmallow, as Xnougat is still not completely bugless. Hit Thanks on xda to Developer if you like.

2. ASAP Launcher 

If you ask someone what is your favourite launcher… Quickly they comment Nova. But, if you ask the same person for Minimal and Simple launcher..He says it’s ASAP. As the name ASAP suggests, everything will be on fingertips. It’s fast, unique and built for simplicity.

Don’t expect lot of customisation here, it’s built to get work done quickly. If you are really customisation fan, this launcher won’t suits you! On the home screen you cannot add extra widget’s. The widget with time and search will be there from beginning. If you are playing music it notifies in that widget itself. There will be five screens at the beginning. Third one, which is in middle will be your default home screen. On the first one weather, second one contacts etc will be pre added. It’s really minimal looking. On the dock, you can add five of your favourite apps.If you swipe the dock up, you can access all your frequently used apps. When swipe from left to right at top left corner you can access all your apps. Check screenshots below.

Even I am Nova fan, I will be using this ASAP as my default launcher. To make Some Android set-ups I will use nova..Try this App for a dat, you will surely fall in love with this app.

Our Rating: 4.8/5

1. HTC Sense 8 (BlinkFeed+Launcher)

HTC is one of popular brands of all time! Apart from it’s design and specs, the user interface which we find in Sense is Awesome. It gives the premium feel to device itself. After the launch of Lollipop, many changes were came in Sense UI, One of the major change is Theme option!

Coming to launcher, it’s completely stock Sense UI 8. The launcher which I am talking about is not a general launcher. It’s whole power package. It comes with Launcher i.e., BlinkFeed obviously. And with HTC Theme Engine. Yes,you can Apply all themes to your device. No need to get tensed, no root required. It’s just a 50 mb apk file. Direct install! Boom! The BlinkFeed works Ok, All Facebook, Twitter etc plug-ins are pre-loaded, No need to install plug-ins separately. If you’re a HTC fan boy.. stick to our site. Because I am planning to make All Sense 8 Apps article,where you can completely transform your Android into HTC device. To download this Launcher head-over to link below.

That’s all for this Top launchers session for this month guys, this session will be updated every month..

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You guys have a Nice Day! Bye for now.

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