Does Usage of System Cleaning Apps Really Increase Device’s Performance?


You will open Play Store. You will search for Apps on Play Store. Now you can see Some Apps like boosters; they promise you that they will boost your phone. Some of those apps will also say you that your phone never get slowed even in pressure times! So you will get shocked and spontaneously download the app. After downloading it you will open that app, And it may ask you some permissions for notification access,  Draw over other apps. If you click on OK, It redirects you to settings then you will accept all the permissions. Now when you come back to the app, it says “Boost Up your Device“.

   DU Speed Booster & Cleaner- screenshot

Source: DU Speed Booster via Play Store

You will click on that…That’s It! Your device RAM increases. If your device has three gigs of RAM, It will become four gigs. NO IT NEVER HAPPENS. Nothing changes your device will have the same Specs.The Apps like DU Speed Booster, Clean Master, 360 Security, etc., will cause damage to your Android Device than making it work better! Got you mind blown? Let me explain you clearly now.

First open WhatsApp. Now tap on the home button. Now hold a Stopwatch. Now open WhatsApp again, Note the opening time of the WhatsApp now. Now install any Booster App, and Run it. Give all the permissions to that Boosting App and clean your Device with that Boosting App. Now hold a Stopwatch again and open WhatsApp again, Check the noted opening time. Now compare the previous opening time with the time taken to open WhatsApp after using Boosting Apps.

   Clean Master (Boost&Antivirus)- screenshot

Source: Clean Master via Play Store

You can get a difference of at least 1-3 split seconds after using Boosting apps. What happens here is, the Boosting Apps like Clean Master and DU Booster will Force Close Apps which are running in Memory. So, it takes lots of time!

Not only that, the Apps which you open from Internal Memory will load to RAM and Processing needs to take place in your devices and with this Lots of your battery gets Drained! Android knows how to Run Apps in the background without Slowing down your devices. You need not download Third-Party Apps for Speeding up.

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  1. But what I think is… These cleaning apps frees the RAm in one click… I never faced an issue with clean master… Expect ads

    • Yes Sushmita, All the cleaning apps do have ads! Ads in apps is not a big deal, but these apps spoil your performance completely. Rather than making your device fast..these apps make your phone more slower.


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